About Us

Blackgate Cyber LLC focuses on reducing risk to business by making sense of external threat and exposure data. We bring together disparate, tailored information into a holistic view that informs the decision-making process. This view enables teams to focus on protecting the internal attributes of an organization and determine the best course of action for minimizing external exposure. Our expertise lies in focusing data from multiple sources into a single intelligence-driven site picture. Let us worry about what’s going on outside your organization, while you focus on protecting your business from within.


External Risk Exposure Fusion

  • Bringing together domain analysis, infrastructure, credential leakage, data loss exposure, and other attributes, we discover your external risk exposure. Our analysts process the data as it comes in, reducing false-positives and prioritizing your external risks so you can build a more secure business.

Post Incident Analysis

  • Post incident documentation can be difficult for a fatigued IR team. We'll enrich and document your post-IR data. Our intelligence platform solution can make this data easily retrievable via API. Our memory augmentation solution can ensure your analysts know what they are seeing if it happens again.

Information Digest

  • Tailored for organizations that need to showcase the latest in relevant cyber events, we offer a white-labelable digest solution that can be distributed to clients or employees. This is a perfect addition for any MSP, MSSP, or large organization wanting to maintain routine and worthwhile contact.


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